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  • Select a key on the virtual keyboard that you wish to bind something to:

  • Select as many items from the Buy Scripting tab as you wish to add to your buy script:

  • Type in any text that you want said in Say or Team Say and check off the check box next to it (checking the box adds the say text to your script, un-checking the box removes it from your script) NOTE: checkbox MUST be checked in order for it to be added to your script:

Fig 1: type some text into your say / team say textbox

Fig 2: tick the checkbox for the say / team say to add it to your script

  • Select a command from the Radio Commands drop down (pressing the red "X" to the right of the drop-down will remove the radio command from your script):

Fig 1: Pull down the radio command dropdown

Fig 2: select the radio command you want to add to your script

Fig 3: to remove the radio command, simply press the "X" button to the right.

  • Press the "Edit Item Sequence" button, or context menu option of the bind items, to bring up your binding sequence editor. This arranges your items’ order. Item order can be important in a buy script when funds are low. CS & CZ will only purchase as much equipment as you have money, so put important items first, and luxury items last to ensure important items are bought when money is low.

Fig 1: press either the button or the menu option to bring up the dialog below

Fig 2: the item sequence editor dialog is used to re-arrange your bind items’ order

  • When your buy script looks the way you want it, press the "[ + ] Add Binds" button on the toolbar to add your selection to your current binds list. (This option is also available in your context menu’s (right click menu’s) over the bind items and the virtual keyboard).

Fig 1: adding your bind using the toolbar’s add bind button

Fig 2: using the bind items' context menu’s to add your script

Fig 3: using the keyboard’s context menu to add your script

  • You can add custom scripts directly to your list (assuming you know how to write them by hand) using the Add Custom Bind textbox:

  • Simply add a custom bind or alias here and press enter or Add Bind to add it to your list of Current Bind Settings.