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There is certain configuration settings that bind maker allow you to edit which are not in your standard options. These items are located in your "Config Editor" tab.

Settings Definitions

  • User Name – this is the name you wish to use in-game.

  • Text Color – this allows you to change the color of your text in game.

    Sample Text Color (as white)
  • Net Graph – this is the graphs that show up in the corner of your screen to show you certain statistics about your game. Selecting the red [X] disables this feature.

    Net Graph selection options in Bind Maker

Net Graph 1

Net Graph 2

Net Graph 3

  • Net Graph Location – specifies the location of your net graph in game. Figure 2 shows the physical locations that the Net Graph will show up at, in game.

Fig 1 net graph Location in bind maker

Fig 2 corresponding locations in game

  • Various Settings – There are various settings that are and are not available in your standard options menu. Hovering your mouse over each gives you a description of each.

  • Frame Rate – allows you to adjust your Max FPS (frames per second) allowable in game.

  • Network Rate – allows you to adjust the rate at which data is sent to and from the server across your network. This is useful for optimizing game play for faster connections.

  • Crosshair Adjustments – allows you to adjust how your crosshair will look in game. The bottom checkbox option is also a crosshair adjustment for transparency.

    Fig 1 adjust color, size and transparency of your crosshairs.

    Important Note: if you set the color of your crosshairs in bind maker and go into your games’ options menu, your crosshair in there will most likely show up as green (as they are only able to draw 5 different colors in that dialog window) but the color in game will be whatever you have selected in bind maker as long as you do not use this options window to change your settings (if you do, you will get a green crosshair again).