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CZ Bind Maker allows you to do some other things that are explained here. They are:

  • Quickly open any of your standard config files.

To manually edit your config files, simply go to the "Edit" menu and select "Edit in Notepad" and select which file you want to look at and edit.

  • Export all of your game settings as either a single compressed file, or to another folder location. Note: make sure to press the "Save Settings" button in your tool bar before backing up your settings (you don’t want to loose any changes that you are in the process of).

  • Select the "File" menu option, go to "Export Settings" and select which option you wish to use.

Doing so gives you this window (if using compression),


This one if saving them to another folder location.

  1. Press the "Browse" button to choose your location (and file name).
  2. If you selected the option to export to a compressed file, select the level of compression by dragging the slider left or right.
  3. Press the "Backup" button to start the backup. This should go very quickly and there is a progress bar to show the current status of this operation.
  4. Once the backup has taken place the "Backup" button will be unavailable. Press "Close" to exit this window and return back to Bind Maker.

To import these settings back into your game later (after any kind of re-install or major change of your game settings), simply extract the zip file to your …\Counter-Strike\cstrike or …\Condition Zero\czero directory, or copy all the files from where you saved them back to your …\Counter-Strike\cstrike or …\Condition Zero\czero directory, over-writing any existing files.